ARC Nanotechnology Network

ANN Young Nanotechnology Ambassador Awards

The Australian Nanotechnology Network is seeking enthusiastic PhD students and early career researchers to promote science and science education. Successful applicants must currently be studying or working in the nanotechnology area in Australia and must be a member of the ANN. One award will be made per state/territory and is valued up to $2000 ($1000 will be paid to the student as an honorarium and up to $1000 towards travel, accommodation and other expenses)

The young nanotechnology ambassadors will be required to visit a minimum of four schools (preferably at least one regional school) to inspire students about nanotechnology, and more broadly science education. It is up to the ambassadors to decide which schools they visit and to arrange these visits with the schools. The content, duration and format of school presentations is for the successful applicants to decide, in consultation with their chosen schools, but the ANN recommends that some explanation and/or examples of nanoscience and nanotechnology are included in the presentation. Each school visit should be at least 30 minutes duration and could include visual demonstrations or simple experiments, slide shows or other multimedia presentations.

Report from Tristan Clemons (UWA) including Resource suggestions and demonstrations

Guidelines for Funding

The Young Science Ambassadors Awards will be ranked according to the following selection criteria. This will be done on the basis of which applications best satisfy the listed criteria. There is no appeals process. The decisions made by the ANN management committee, informed by the recommendation of the ANN State Champions will be final.


The ANN State Champions may elect to interview applicants as part of the evaluation process.

How to apply

To apply for a Young Nanotechnology Ambassador Award please fill out this form and submit the following:

  1. A one page report on why you are passionate about nanotechnology, your thoughts about science education in high schools and a brief proposal for your school visits. The proposal should discuss the regions you will visit and your ideas for the school presentation.
  2. Your CV
  3. A letter of support from your supervisor


Successful applicants must provide the ANN with a written report on the outcomes of their school visits within two months of completion and may also be asked to give a presentation to members of the ANN.

Applications will be evaluated by the following State “Champions”:

ACT Prof C Jagadish
New South Wales Prof G Wallace
Queensland Prof M Lu
South Australia Prof P Majewski
Victoria Prof P Mulvaney
Western Australia Prof L Faraone
Tasmania/NT Vacant