22- 26th February 2010
Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre Darling Harbour

ICONN 2010 Plenary Speaker

Yoshiyuki Kawazoe

Institute for Materials Research, Tohoku University


I. University Graduation and Research Positions

Other main activities outside of Tohoku University

II. Prizes :

  1. November, 1991 : Eastern Prize, Indian Embassy
  2. March 2003: Distinguished Academic Prize, Japan Institute for Metals
  3. January, 2004: Shared University Research Award, IBM
  4. September, 2007ACCMS Award, Asian Consortium on Computational Materials Science

III. Publications :

  1. "Materials Design by Computer Simulation", Y. Kawazoe, K. Esfarjani, and K. Ohno, Springer(1999)
  2. "Advances in Materials Research: Springer-Verlag", Chief Editor, (1998~)
  3. "Clusters and Nanoparticles": Springer-Verlag (2002)
  4. "Handbook for Nanotechnology Simulation", Kyoritsu(2006) (Japanese)

More than 50 books and more than 800 ISI journal papers with more than 8500 total citations.