22- 26th February 2010
Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre Darling Harbour

ICONN 2010 Plenary Speaker

Michael Lee Roukes

MICHAEL LEE ROUKES is Professor of Physics, Applied Physics, and Bioengineering at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena. Roukes was founding Director of Caltech's Kavli Nanoscience Institute from 2003-2006, and now serves as its Co-Director. Roukes is also Co-Founder and Co-Director of the Alliance for Nanosystems VLSI (very-large-scale integration), a close and vital international collaboration led by Caltech's KNI and scientists & engineers at the CEA/LETI-Minatec in Grenoble (www.nanovlsi.org). Concurrent with his Caltech faculty appointment, he holds a Chaire d'Excellence in Nanoscience in Grenoble, France from the Réseau Thématique de Recherche Avancée (RTRA), a multi-university and -laboratory consortium.

Roukes completed undergraduate majors in both physics and chemistry at the University of California Santa Cruz. He earned a Ph.D. in physics at Cornell University, focusing upon electron transport in microstructures at ultralow temperatures under Nobel Laureate, Robert. C. Richardson. Subsequently, he joined Bell Communications Research as a Member of Technical Staff / Principal Investigator in the (then-new) Quantum Structures Research Group, where he carried out some of the earliest explorations of the physics of nanoelectronic devices. In 1992 he joined the tenured faculty at the California Institute of Technology, where he has since built nanofabrication and research facilities and established a large nanoscience research group, now heavily involved in cross-disciplinary collaborations.

Roukes' scientific interests range from quantum measurement to applied biotechnology with a unifying theme of the development, application, and very-large-scale integration of complex nanostructures. He has published and written extensively on nanoscience and nanotechnology, has lectured at most major research centers world-wide, and is active on many national and international committees promoting this field.